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CARSA has developed a range of knowledge and experience-driven proprietary tools to support public and private sector clients.



CARSA’s strong track record of success providing innovation programme support and evaluation services led to the creation of our EMS tool. EMS provides transparent, secure and fully traceable management and control of all actions performed in the management of open calls for proposals. The tool supports the management of evaluators and their tasks, and full project monitoring (from a technical and financial perspective).

The versatility and power of EMS enables CARSA to manage multiple calls run by different programmes, research projects and service contracts, and efficiently manage and control the entire evaluation process.

Diatec 4.0


​DIATEC 4.0 is CARSA’s easy-to-use Innovation and Technology Management Assessment Tool. It enables CARSA to efficiently evaluate the innovation and technological capacity and needs of any organisation and it generates assessment results in real-time. It is particularly valuable as a Digital Transformation Support Tool because it provides rapid access to data on an organisation’s digital maturity.

DIATEC 4.0 has been validated by many European companies and has been a key enabling technology in multiple national, European and international initiatives and projects. DIATEC 4.0 uses evaluation parameters to improve data reliability, provide rapid access to results and help organisations to increase their digital maturity.



Evalmaster is CARSA’s new and sophisticated survey management tool. It supports the management of complex, multi-device and real-time surveys and campaigns. CARSA has used Evalmaster in national, European and international contract, projects and initiatives to capture data and information from broad and diverse audiences. Evalmaster is a flexible modular system that is easy-to-use and can be adapted to the needs of individual clients and projects.




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