Our client services

CARSA provides consulting services to both private and public sector organisations. Our services and products are always tailored to meet the needs of our clients, the service context and the delivery timetable, in line with our client’s short, medium and long-term objectives. We take the time to get to know our clients, because we believe in providing high value-added services with a personal touch. That is the key to building sustainable partnerships that create value and achieve lasting impact.

CARSA provides strategic innovation consulting services to



Large Companies

including :

Support for Digitalisation

Technology Development

Business Management


We help businesses to design and implement bespoke innovation processes, deliver change and improve their competitiveness.

We apply our business and technology expertise and tools to enhance our client’s R&D&I capabilities and competencies.

CARSA is a partner of choice for companies that wish to benefit from:

High value-added knowledge

Business transformation

New market opportunities

What we do


CARSA helps companies to define, manage and implement business and technology development, innovation and training projects.


CARSA helps companies to design and implement innovation and digital transformation strategies and action plans.


CARSA applies best practices in multiple production sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, energy and aerospace, among others.


CARSA advises companies on how to diversify their business activities and how to implement continuous innovation management systems and activities.


Implementation of R&D&I Management Systems in accordance with UNE 166002


Management of R&D&I project taxation in accordance with UNE 166001.

CARSA has a proven track record of delivering high quality services to public sector clients.

CARSA is an experienced provider of specialised support services to public sector organisations.

Design, implementation, management and evaluation of public policies and programmes


Technology development


Business management



CARSA provides proprietary tools and methodologies, assessment and performance indicators and market research services to help public sector organisations evaluate policy and programme performance and impact. Our services enable our clients to make strategic decisions on public policies and programmes, particularly those that relate to innovation, technology, business sustainability, digital transformation and intellectual property.

What we do


Identification and implementation of new technologies, best practices and strategic actions for companies, cities, regions and countries.


R&D&I programme design and support, based on stakeholder engagement, assessment and input


Transfer of knowledge and training activities within Europe and internationally.


R&D&I project management, monitoring and evaluation support throughout the project lifecycle.


Support, mentoring and coaching for startup businesses.


Tailored support for Technology Centres, Digital Innovation Hubs, Clusters and other initiatives, including feasibility studies, strategy design, planning, implementation and management.


Dissemination programmes and innovation awareness campaigns.

CARSA is providing services to support Digital Innovation Hub set-up and consolidation


CARSA provides a range of services to support the creation, launch and consolidation of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). Our services are knowledge-driven and based on our experience working with DIHs at different maturity levels. Whatever your needs, we can help.

We offer two service packages to suit DIHs at different stages of their development:

Basic package

DIH set-up service to help new or recently created DIHs to quickly structure themselves and become operational.

Advanced package

DIH consolidation service to help recently created or more advanced DIHs to position themselves as a ‘Digital Transformation One-Stop-Shop’ for companies and/or the public sector.