CARSA is co-implementing the Smart Tourism Destinations pilot project for the European Commission.

The objective of the initiative is to raise the profile of Europe as a smart tourism destination by supporting EU cities to improve their data mastering abilities – i.e., the ability to collect, curate and re-use data on tourism.

Overall, the project is structured in 3 work packages:

  1. A study “Mastering data for tourism by EU cities”
  2. Developing a toolkit, guidebook/blueprint for urban tourism destinations for mastering data as well as for strengthening cooperation on smart tourism at EU level
  3. Defining recommendations for follow-up actions on mastering data for tourism

The tasks/WPs include:

  • a wide-ranging literature review
  • workshops with cities and local stakeholders
  • interviews with industry experts
  • managing two open calls for expression of interest from cities (using CARSA’s EMS tool)
  • training, advice and capacity-building for city representatives
  • field visits and matchmaking events for peer-learning with the selected cities




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