CARSA participates in the 12th Iberoamerican Meeting of Digital Cities 2011

CARSA has participated in the 12th Iberoamerican Meeting of Digital Cities 2011, where has given the workshop “Cooperation between Iberoamerica and Europe: keys about funding  of the European Union”, on 29th of September in the Euskalduna Conference Centre of Bilbao.

The BiskayTIK foundation for the promotion of TICS and knowledge, and the Iberoamerican Association of Research Centres and Telecommunications Companies have organised this meeting in Bilbao on 28, 29 and 30 of September 2011. The event is the most important reference of Spanish speaking in the world, where more than 1000 experts shared their point of view at the conference, and participated in talks, colloquiums and round tables.

During the workshop, CARSA proposed a workflow to identify international cooperation actions based on the ideas of the country delegates.




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