Final report published on the need of Cybersecurity requirements for ICT products

​The European Commission recently published the final report of the Study on the need of Cybersecurity requirements for ICT products, conducted by CARSA in collaboration with Wavestone (lead partner), ICF and CEPS.

Over the past decades, ICT products have allowed our society to become smarter and more connected, offering consumer benefits and business opportunities across the EU. Meanwhile, they have also brought forward unforeseen challenges not only to the users of such products but also to the society at large.

The report explores the current state of cybersecurity in broad categories of ICT products, providing an analysis of the current regulatory landscape with regard to cybersecurity requirements and assessing options for policy intervention. It concludes that horizontal legislation would be the most cost-effective policy option, creating greater security in the EU, while enhancing business competitiveness.

The final report can be found here.




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