Final results of the study on Digital Value Chains & Industrial Agreements

The European Commission has published the final report of the Study on technological and economic analysis of industry agreements in current and future digital value chains, performed by a consortium led by CARSA.

The report summarises the study’s findings, with emphasis on the analysis of industry agreements (IAs) in future digital value chains, and related recommendations. The study identifies three clustered innovation areas where IA development have prominent opportunities and potential for economic impact. For each area, it presents barriers to the development and uptake of IAs along with opportunities, both for industry and policy-makers. Three “industry agreement templates” developed by the team, constitute a framework of, high-level, legal and technical specifications, adaptable to fit the needs of individual sectors. Finally, the study presents four cross-cutting recommendations for industry and policy-makers in Europe, to help stimulate IA development and implementation, and to promote the development of common industrial data spaces.

The final report can be found here




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