CARSA Participates in the EU- Latin America and the Caribbean Summit to promote the Study of the European Commission intellectual property, internationalisation and SMEs

The European Commission-DG GROW launches an EU / Latin America Study on intellectual property, internationalisation and SMEs

“The study will analyse the needs and expectations of SMEs from both sides active in Latin American markets taking into account the comparative effects of legislation and their effective implementation”

On behalf of the European Commission-DG GROW, CARSA in consortium with PwC Luxembourg, London Economics and Innova SpA, is conducting an online survey based on barriers and needs in the field of protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property (IP) among EU and Latin American SMEs with business activity in Latin American markets.

The goal of this study is to collect experiences, opinions and expectations of EU SMEs active in Latin America and their Latin American partners, related to Intellectual Property and Internationalisation. The findings will contribute to policy conclusions in the field of IP that allDG GROW kindly asks targeted SMEs to participate in this online survey and solicits SME stakeholder organisations to support CARSA and its partners to promote the study to relevant contacts.

If you are an SME, your opinion can make a difference!

We would be grateful, if you could complete our questionnaire, which should not take more than 5-10 minutes of your time. The survey is anonymous and the responses will be treated confidentially, in aggregated format and only for the purpose of this study.

If you are SME stakeholder organisations, your participation will be invaluable for us to reach the targeted SMEs!

It is possible to contribute in several ways to promote and create awareness about the study by inviting SME to participate in the online survey through email, social networks, website, newsletter and/or other means of communication.

For general questions about the study, please contact: Ms Anne von Zukowski, , and for specific questions, please contact: Ms Cristina de la Maza, . It is foreseen that all participants will receive a summary report of the main results.




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