DIH-World kick-off: accelerating the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs

The kick-off event of DIH-World project took place online on July 10th 2020. DIH-World, led by CARSA, aims to accelerate the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors. With a budget of 8M euros and 41 partners from 26 countries, DIH-World will support the digital transformation of European SMEs.

The project involves an initial network of 27 DIHs that will, as regional intermediaries supporting the digital transformation of SMEs, benefit from harmonised tools, well-proven technologies, effective methodologies, sound knowledge, smart investment sources, rich training assets and overall a vibrant innovation environment to scale-up. The programme will accelerate the matureness of DIHs and the development of their collaboration capabilities, and avoid a DIH divide due to lack of access to technologies, skills, networks, investment and infrastructures. The DIH-World network of DIHs will expand in the coming months.

At its initial stage, DIH-World involves 8 pilot experiments DIH/SME supporting the adoption of digital technologies in a variety of production sectors including smart building, wineries, baby food or skateboards manufacturing. In 2021, an open call for experiments will be launched to expand the DIH-World ecosystem and further support the digital transformation of manufacturing SMEs.

The DIH-World project is an Innovation Action project part of the I4MS phase 4 initiative.

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